Vista + Point of View

This home featured huge windows to showcase a gorgeous river vista. The owners wanted an interior design that would enhance the natural aesthetic while showcasing their art collection that reflected their modern, fun, and youthful point of view.

Organically shaped rattan pendants, chosen to balance the modern stone, were the inspiration for our design.

Hand-woven poufs, crafted after Columbian hats, added an understated whimsy that made the living room complete. Round swivel chairs allowed enjoyment of the interior and exterior spaces. The eat-in kitchen featured iron-mesh chairs with leather cushions surrounding a glossy Saarinen table. The use of mixed materials created seating that was both functional and gorgeous. Our inspirational pendants were then added to the kitchen, giving warmth and a touch of the unexpected.

This project was an energizing experience that allowed us to design outside the box. The result was truly remarkable-an environment that was both modern and sleek and vintage and textural.